Vicarious Travel


Vicaeious Travel brings people together in Italy for casual yet indulgent journeys. The leisurely pace of  small-group travelers allows us to bend and amend our days as we wish.

Join us as we crowd around a dining table full of laughter for hours; buy fresh produce from cheerful vendors on local market day; smell the scent of blossoms cascading from window boxes as we walk down cobblestone streets; smile as we pass someone placing flowers in tiny road-side chapel. 

With the joy of life seemingly woven into every aspect of Italian daily life, my wish for those who choose to experience it, is that you’ll take a little of la dolce vita back home and weave it into your own daily life.  


Vicarious Travel's journey take you to the northern part of Lazio where it meets the Umbrian and Tuscan borders.

Stay in a thousand-year old castle, owned by the same family for the past 400 years.

Wander through gardens of lemons trees, boxwoods, and wild gardens that tumble gently down a terraced hill.

Relax by a pool surrounded by ancient cypress and blankets of roses that unfold onto countryside...a little garden of Eden, Italian style.

Savor wine from boutique vineyards.

Experience the local culinary talent as you feast in an Etruscan cave.

Witness the beauty of long forgotten frescos. 


Or, maybe Autumn on the Amalfi Coast is filled with the things you've been longing to do. 

Take a drive along the mesmerizing coastal road that hugs the sea cliff edges. 

Sip lemoncello under the tree from where the lemons were picked. 

Stroll through a centuries old vineyard before tasting the wine from its harvest. 

Travel back to 72 A.D. as you wander the streets of ancient cities. 

Behold the breathtaking wonder of ancient Greek ruins erected as tribute to the gods in 450 B.C. 

Dine on the Mediterranean Sea in the oldest watch tower on the Amalfi coast. 

The leisurely pace of small-group travel is ours to bend and amend as we wish.

2019 Springtime in Italy


JUNE 1-12  ( FULL)


Yes, my friends you really do feel as if you've stepped into a movie. From the cypress lined roads, to endless rows of vines, to hilltop castles dotting the countryside. Even the air has a magical feel to it.  

Strolling over thousands of-years-old cobblestones while hearing soft Italian music trickle from an open window transcends what you could ever imagine this place to be.

We find ourselves sipping Prosecco on a terrace on a cool spring evening. Dining under kiwi pergolas. Tasting wine in centuries old cellars. Making new friends and learning their old ways.

Life here has a way of melting all your worries away.  Come, live it, experience it, and bring a piece of it home.

2019 Autumn in Italy




There are a thousand ways to describe the Amalfi Coast...picture perfect, breathtaking, jaw dropping. You get the idea. But until you see it for yourself, no photo or written word can capture its beauty.

Driving along the Costiera Amalfitana is mesmerizing. The sheer height of the road as it kisses the cliffs' sea edge so desperately is excitingly terrifying. But, around every corner there is another seaside village that makes you immediately forgot you were ever afraid and sends your emotions to peaceful place.

Come let yourself get lost in the maze of back streets and terraced farms. Dare to talk with the locals. Sip an espresso at a local bar - standing up of course. Say yes to that after- dinner lemoncello - after all it would be rude not to. This is a place of not only living life to the fullest, it's about loving the life you're living to the fullest.  

Where should we go?


Trip itineraries are always changing.  Check back to see what trips are coming up or email me.